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“Respect the thoughts of the customers as the first priority and create new values”

Asian Power & Energy Corp. (APEC) is a company that respects customers ‘ ideas and creates new values.APEC continues to offer and push solutions for the development of new renewable energy sources and low-carbon growth to cope with depleted resources and global warming.

In particular, if you use fossil fuels in the present state of the world, they will be gone in 40 years for oil, 60 years for natural gas, 50 years for uranium, and 200 years for coal. Fossil fuels account for 83 percent of the nation’s total energy consumption.To preserve and cherish this energy environment, we provide differentiated customer service and design, engineering, optimal systems and components for green growth such as hydraulic, wind, geothermal, solar and bioenergy. Since the 2008 financial crisis from the U.S., the global competitiveness of advanced countries has been expanded in order to secure global competitiveness, and this change in the business environment has led to the competitiveness of the Korean economy.

In particular, through the establishment of a technology and national information network with KOEMA, POSCO E&C is responsible for the development of technology-intensive small and medium business products and joint participation in projects. In addition, we continue to align and align power IT with new technologies through the expansion of smart grid business, and are committed to the business feasibility, engineering and optimal supply in emerging markets. From the development of alternative energy sources for environmental preservation, which is an issue globally, to the power systems that link them, we offer single-stop services from the perfect quality engineering to the optimal supply of systems.

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Energy Business

Small Hydro Power Plant · Wind Power Plant · Photovoltaic Plant · ESS

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Switchgear Equipment · Plant Electric Work · Power Solution & PQ

Smart Networking

Power Plant Control System · Integrated Monitoring and Control System · Vibration Monitoring System


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Happy Customers

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